John, the Service Advisor at Scott's, is extremely professional, relaxed, patient, and respectful. There is minimal contact with the technicians, but as a customer who has decades of experience repairing cars myself, it is obvious to me that they are very knowledgeable and careful. Maintenance, diagnosis, and repair are all performed to a very high standard..

5 Scott's Automotive Service 4/15/2018

Nothing new. Excellent diagnosis and repair service, as usual. Thank you!

5 Scott's Automotive Service 4/10/2018

Great car service, great people service!

5 Scott's Automotive Service 4/8/2018

Great service at a reasonable price!

5 Scott's Automotive Service 4/7/2018

As always, we completely trust the work you do on our 1995 Volvo, and credit you with the fact that it is still running beautifully after 188,000 miles. You have never steered us wrong on what repairs are needed and what can wait, and we appreciate that greatly. I was happy to drive my trusty wagon home after it's visit to your Volvo spa.Thank you. (and having a loaner made the logistics of drop off even better. great perk)

5 Scott's Automotive Service 4/1/2018

Reliable, friendly service. Always willing to provide a loaner car, even for same day repairs.

5 Scott's Automotive Service 3/31/2018

I have trusted my Volvo's care and other brands to Scott and his Team since he opened his doors for business, they are simply stated the BEST period George Keenan

5 Scott's Automotive Service 3/27/2018

As always, Scott's does a great job - they pay attention to your vehicle and their work is quality that you can trust.

5 Scott's Automotive Service 3/24/2018

Car problem was diagnosed, fixed on time and for the quoted reasonable price.

5 Scott's Automotive Service 3/20/2018

You have always been a 5 star operation!

4.5 Scott's Automotive Service 3/19/2018