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Does your car go to the left or right all by itself? Does your steering wheel point a different direction than the one that your car is going? Are your tires wearing unevenly or prematurely? Then it is time for a 4 wheel alignment. At Scott's, we have been doing 4 wheel alignments for decades. We can make your car go straight again, put your steering wheel back where it is suppose to be and make sure you do not spend any more money than you need to on tires. We use the latest Hunter State-of-the-Art alignment system with Codelink to properly reset the steering angle sensor after an alignment.

Wheel Alignment - Hunter's Why Do Cars Need Wheel Alignment Video?

Every 4 wheel alignment at Scott's starts with a thorough test drive to see how the vehicle performs and to detect possible defects that would affect a proper alignment. We then do a complete inspection of the vehicles suspension to assure there are no worn or bent items that would adversely affect the alignment.

After the test drive and visual inspection, the vehicle is set up on the alignment equipment. We then check the following:

  • The toe of both the front and rear tires. The toe is how close together or far apart the front of the tires are. The distance between the two front tires is measured, and the distance between the two rear tires is measured. If this distance is not correct, it is the equivalent of dragging the tire sideways down the road.
  • Next we look at the camber of the front and rear tires. This is how much the tires lean toward or away from the vehicle. If the camber is incorrect, the tires will wear on the inside or outside prematurely wearing out the tires.
  • The next on the list is Caster. Caster is the slope of the upper and lower steering points. The best way to visualize this is to think about a bicycle or motorcycle. The front wheels extend forward as the forks that hold the front wheels extend at an angle. This angle is caster. Caster makes the vehicle more stable, and forces the steering wheel to return to center when you let go of the wheel.
  • After these are checked, we review cross-camber (the difference in camber from side to side), cross-caster (the difference in caster from side to side), thrust angle (the relationship between the front tires and the rear tires), and toe-out-in-turns. These angles are evaluated to determine if there is anything unusual going on with the frame or structure of the vehicle.

Once all these measurements are made, the adjustments needed are determined. All adjustable angles are then corrected, and any non-adjustable angles are further evaluated for service. Once the 4 wheel alignment is completed, the vehicle is once again test driven to make sure the alignment is correct.

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Scott's performs 4 wheel alignments for vehicle owners in Rockville, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Washington DC, and the Surrounding areas.